Premium Ganitri & Gold Rosario 2 pc Set - Deep Carmine

$135.00 $119.00

Tassel necklace hand made in Bali, made of small Ganitri seeds and plated gold beads. Set of 2 necklaces. 
Length may vary : Approximately 42" for long necklace & 36" for short necklace.

Ganitri Seeds, also called “Rudraksha”, are almost exclusively found in Indonesia. They are used by Buddhists to make traditional Mala necklaces, a priest necklace. It is symbolized as a gift of blessing.

Hindus believe that Ganitri seeds have healing properties that affect the human body when worn. They give a great amount of tranquility and concentration to help meditation.

The 2 pc sets can be ordered as individual necklaces at $60 each